No guilt for new shoes!

What is it about new shoes that make you feel so damned good?   Paolo Nutini sings about it in his jaunty and rather optimistic tune “Brand New Shoes.” Arnold Churgin advertises about it; “Life is short!  Buy the Shoes!”  (Or boots as was my recent indulgence.)  But either way, a sassy new pair of anything on your feet has power that no other article of clothing has.  Arnold and his marketing mavens have me sold.  I couldn’t agree more!  Every pair of tights, straight leg or skinny jeans I own, breathed new life when I introduced them to my new off-grey chunky heeled boots.  New foot apparel is the king of the closet!  One pair of anything sexy ramps up even the most tired skirt and blouse combo, and suddenly you have a bit more swing in your step, a tad more sway in your swagger, than you did just moments before.

Listen, I am the queen of comfort for the most part.  I am an offender of the Mom uniform at least a couple of times a week.  This is the commonly seen white t-shirt and yoga pants with the somewhat coordinated hoodie.  But even this oft criticised fashion faux pas can get the stamp of approval with a snappy pair of brightly coloured sneakers.  “Avid indulgers of retail therapy have known this for decades,” you say?  “Where have you been?”

Truthfully, shopping for emotional benefit has never been my main motivator.  I am more of a practical purchaser.  My motto is “Know what you are looking for, find it and get the heck outa there.”  This evolved from hard earned experience.  Any chance of getting enjoyment from shopping gets killed when you are trying to find your size of anything at all while your baby screams and your rambunctious toddler plays hide-and-go-seek in other people’s change rooms.  While I am beyond that stage with my kids for the moment, the philosophy stuck and my closet reflects this rather pragmatic viewpoint.

My recent purchase of leather heaven though, certainly didn’t fall neatly into the necessities category.  That was a firmly planted want, not need. I indulged in some well thought out retail therapy and enjoyed every second of it.  No guilt at all.  All Hail, King of the Closet!  I think from now on I will pay homage to you more often!

Paolo agrees.  Have a listen.


5 thoughts on “No guilt for new shoes!

  1. You’ve just upped my hip quotient. I did not know the guy who sings this song about shoes was the same guy who sings the sad song about being together one last time (the name escapes me at the moment). I pictured him, from the sad song, being this 50-something–and am laughing as I watch your posted video. His voice is older than he is!

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