Wishbones and Turkeys and the Spirit of Giving

It was my little kids’ turn to break the wishbone this Thanksgiving.  (In Canada, our Thanksgiving happens in mid October.)   This is a big event around here. With typically only two turkeys eaten in a year, the turkey wishbone is a coveted item.  Last time it was the big boys turn to battle it out with their pinkies.  The little ones only recently became players in the wishbone game, as their tiny fingers weren’t quite up to the task until just this past year.  And our youngest couldn’t be trusted to wait until the go signal before she pulled!

On the count of three, the kids flexed their mini finger muscles and we had a winner!  My five-year old son held the magic part of the bone.  He grinned.  My daughter looked sad.  And maybe slightly angry.  At least significantly peeved.   This was her second wishbone loss.  This is tough stuff when you are three.

My little guy looked at her, then closed his eyes to make his wish.  I expected him to say something like “I wish we could fly in a spaceship up to space after lunch,” or “I wish I could grow real finger spikes like Wolverine”.

Here is what he said:

“I wish to give my wish to Zoe.  And then I wish that her fingers get really strong so that she can win next time.”

Zoe looked up from the tops of her sock feet.  Her furrowed brow relaxed and her eyes softened.  In an instant she went from looking like a vengeful she-monster to a sweet little angel.  (Perhaps these rapid transformations in mood and demeanor should concern me?! )  He opened his eyes and looked at her.  She reached out and put her arms around him and put her head on his shoulder.  He smiled the sweetest and most earnest smile you could ever imagine and hugged her back.  How amazing is that?  Can your heart melt and swell all at the same time?

Oh yes it can!

This Thanksgiving, I am so totally grateful for our sometimes crazy, often loud, always energetic and also clearly, incredibly loving and generous children.  They are my most precious gifts.



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